Pope Benedict begins holidays

Pope Benedict XVI has begun a  holiday in the Valle d’Aosta region of Italy, where he will stay until  29 July, in the residence of Les Combes d’Introd.

The Holy Father travelled to Turin yesterday,  where he was greeted  by the Bishop of Aosta, Giuseppe Anfossi, before boarding a helicopter for the final leg of his journey.

During the Angelus prayer on Sunday, Pope Benedict told pilgrims: “I shall go to Valle d’Aosta, in Les Combes, an area made famous by the holidays enjoyed there by my beloved predecessor John Paul II, I too love this place very much. In giving my ‘goodbyes’ in Saint Peter’s Square and the city of Rome, I invite everyone to accompany me with prayers. Prayers knows not distance and separation: wherever we may be,  it makes us into a single heart and a single soul”.

The Pope will take part in two public events  during his holiday.  Next Sunday,he will lead the Angelus from Romano Canavese in Ruggia Square, in front of the church of Saints, Peter and Solutor.  On July 26, the Pope is scheduled to recite the Angelus from the residence in Les Combes.

Source: VIS

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