Movie Review: A Rabbi asks - ‘Is Bruno Good for the Jews?'

“It’s a dangerous game…How can Cohen be sure that audiences 'get' his meta-humour?…I’m a fan of Sasha Baron Cohen, and respect the fact that we could all use a good laugh or two these days. But I’m also a rabbi; so much of his raunchy humour makes me deeply uncomfortable, too. It certainly isn’t material for a Shabbat sermon" - Rabbi Simcha Weinstein.

Rabbi Weinstein is an award-winning author, whose latest book is Shtick Shift: Jewish Humour in the 21st century (Barricade Books: 2008) is out now. He also chairs the Religious Affairs Committee at Pratt Institute in New York. Simcha serves as rabbi to Long Island College Hospital. 

To read his thought-provoking review on Busted Halo, (a project of the Paulist Fathers in the USA)  see:

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