Benedict tells children he never imagined he would be Pope

Pope Benedict XVI met with more than 7,000 children of the Pontifical Work of Missionary Childhood on Saturday. During the meeting one child asked him whether he ever thought he would become Pope.

The Holy Father replied: "Truth to tell, I never imagined I would have become Pope because, I was a rather straightforward boy in a small village far from large centres of population.... Of course we knew, venerated and loved the Pope - Pope Pius XI - but for us he seemed to stand at an unattainable height, almost another world; a father to us but nonetheless far above us.

"And I have to say that even now I find it difficult to understand how the Lord could have thought of me, elevated me to this ministry. But I accept it from His hands, even though it is surprising and I feel it far beyond my powers. Yet, the Lord helps me".

Source: VIS

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