Have your say on rules for doctors

The General Medical Council (GMC) is seeking volunteers from the Christian community to give their opinions on a range of health issues. Feedback will help to inform and influence the policies and decisions of the GMC.

25 members of the public and 25 registered medical practitioners will make up the first ever GMC Reference Community. While volunteers will not be asked to make policy decisions, they will be asked for their opinion on a range of key GMC topics such as:

* the ethical guidelines that doctors are required to follow;

* the GMC website to make sure it is clear and easy to use, especially for members of the public.

* the process by which a doctor is regularly appraised;

GMC Council Member Ros Levenson said: "This is an opportunity to inform and influence the policies and decisions that maintain the health and safety of patients across the UK.

"Whether you're a doctor or someone with a strong interest in healthcare, we'd like your opinions on a range of health issues from the principles that define how a doctor should act to how we communicate with doctors and the public.

"What we are looking for are the personal and professional opinions and experiences of a variety of members of the public and doctors."

Each volunteer would ideally give around 20 to 30 hours per year but this could vary according to individual circumstances. There are a variety of ways volunteers can contribute to the group including commenting on draft publications; replying to a poll or questionnaire and occasional meetings that can fit around personal or professional commitments.

Candidates should not represent the opinion of an organisation as the GMC already has systems in place to engage with professional bodies and interest groups.

For information or to apply to be part of the reference community see:


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