Tony Blair to speak at Churches Media Conference

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will speaking on video at next month's Churches' Media Conference in Swanwick, Derbyshire.

Sponsored by the Bible Society, the conference will ask how people of faith can make a positive impact on the media. Attorney General Baroness Scotland will discuss whether there is still room for faith in the public arena. Philip Graf, who chairs the OFCOM Content Board will examine the future of Public Service Broadcasting with BBC Media Correspondent Torin Douglas.

Churches' Media Council Director Andrew Graystone said: "We are expecting a record number of delegates from the worlds of radio, TV, online and communications as well as faith leaders, media entrepreneurs and industry entrants. It all adds up to the most significant opportunity to grapple with issues of faith and values in the contemporary media."

But not all Christians are happy with the conference's choice of keynote speaker. Bruce Kent, Vice Chair of Pax Christi, said: " I think Tony Blair should be in the Hague facing the International Criminal Court for starting an illegal war which has cost hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and other lives. He should not be addressing any church media meeting."

The conference takes place from Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 June. More details are available at:

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