Pope Benedict to visit Holy Land as 'pilgrim of peace'

 Pope Benedict spoke of his forthcoming visit to the Holy Land, when he received members of the Papal Foundation, a US Catholic agency founded in Philadelphia, on Sunday.

Pope Benedict will begin the visit on 8 May. He said: "I go as a pilgrim of peace. As you are well aware, for more than sixty years, this region - the land of our Lord's birth, death and Resurrection; a sacred place for the world's three great monotheistic religions - has been plagued by violence and injustice. This has led to a general atmosphere of mistrust, uncertainty and fear - often pitting neighbour against neighbour, brother against brother.

"As I prepare for this significant journey I ask in a special way that you join me in prayer for all the peoples of the Holy Land and the region. May they receive the gifts of reconciliation, hope and peace".

  Source: VIS

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