Holy Land: Israel blocks thousands of tons of aid for Gaza

 Thousands of tons of aid, sent for the people of Gaza, are sitting at the Egyptian border, because Israel has not authorized them.

The discovery was made by a free-lance journalist, Mario Molinari, who is in el-Arish, in the Sinai peninsula with volunteers from the Italian 'Music for peace' NGO. The aid was collected for survivors of the Israeli attack on Gaza that killed more than more than 1,400 people last January, and left many thousands homeless. Molinari has made a documentary film of the situation. He says that Israeli officials are holding up the shipments of aid by asking for new documents each day.

In the West Bank, meanwhile, there were clashes with Israeli settlers backed by the Israeli armed forces. Eleven Palestinians were taken to hospitals, after being wounded in related incidents, which took place near the village of Safa (close to Hebron) among residents and residents of the illegal Bat Ayin settlement.

Source: MISNA

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