Easter resources for 11-13 year odds

11 ­ 13 year olds across the country will be able to explore the Easter story interactively on the new www.yfaith.co.uk Easter page. Launched today the resource will provide creative and thought-provoking ways for the age group, often described as 'tweenagers', to engage with the most important event in the Christian calendar.  One of the highlights of the Easter page is a collection of video interviews with young people about their understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  

One young person speaks of the difference Easter makes in our lives today: "It shows that there can be hope for people, coz everyone thought that was the end of Jesus, but he came back and he's resurrected and everyone was like "Wo", coz he'd transformed and everything."

Another explains it as the key to faith: "He sacrificed himself and then he rose from the dead to show Christians to have faith in him and to have faith in God."

The interviews and the website are full of the faith and hope of young people who are ready to inspire others.

Anna Cowell, the Diocese of Leeds' Youth Officer said: "The YFaith Easter resources are a wonderful way for young people to explore and get to grips with the basic Gospel message. The website not only informs the minds of young people, but also encourages them to make a faith response to the Gospel. It's brilliant that there are always opportunities for them to ask more questions if they don't completely understand."

Meanwhile Kirstie Hutchinson, the Chaplain at St Bede's School in Lanchester said: "It's great to see a website dedicated to our young people - the pupils who were involved with the Easter message clips all went home and showed their parents what is was all about. This is how the web should work with parents and young people discovering things together."

The page offers seasonal downloadable resources for parents, teachers and chaplains, from Bible detective quizzes, discussion starters and commentaries on the Sunday readings, to mp3s from CJM music.

Yfaith is an initiative of the Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation (CASE). It is primarily designed to be used as a home-based resource giving 11-13 year olds an interactive, relevant and safe environment in which they engage with, explore and express their faith.

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