HOLY SOCKS - first posted 14 November 2007

 A group of young people from Portsmouth have devised a novel way of raising funds for their trip to World Youth Day in Sidney. They are selling Holy Socks.

These tasteful and stylish garments carry original designs, depicting Bible characters and stories with an accompanying poem or meditation.

Jonah's Whale, Noah's Ark, Moses in the Bullrushes, goats, lambs, sheep, doves ­ there is something to please everyone in this colourful collection.

Chris, Matt, Patrick, Steph and Zoe have already raised almost £3000 in two months by selling the socks.

Made in the UK, over 70% cotton, Holy Socks would make great Christmas present for anyone, wherever they are on life's journey.

To see more, visit: www.holysocks.co.uk

For more about Chris, Matt, Patrick, Steph and Zoe's fundraising plans, or to make a donation ­ see: www.freewebs.com/wyd08reading

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