World Student Christian Federation voices solidarity with people of Burma - 3 October 2007

 The World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) Asia Pacific, an ecumenical federation of 17 Student Christian Movements in the Asia Pacific, has expressed its solidarity and support to the Burmese people in their collective struggle to bring about meaningful change in their country.

In a statement they say:

The people of Burma are speaking to us today in a language that has long been muted by systematic repression and fear. The Burmese people have had enough! They have long endured suffering under the repressive military regime and abject poverty brought about by unjust economic and social order. Triggered by the astronomical increase in fuel prices early this month, the Burmese people have finally said NO!

Today we are witnessing the power of the Burmese people to assert their right to determine their destiny and their future. Led by the Buddhist monks, they have openly challenged the repressive rule of the Burmese military government. The momentum of the street protests grow in number as people from all sectors bravely express their opinion and discontent to more than 40 years of military dictatorship in this country.

As we gather here today, many have been killed, tortured, arrested and harassed by the military. We denounce the Burmese military government's violent response to suppress the people's legitimate right to demand redress and apology, genuine reconciliation and peace and to defend their lives and liberty. We urge the military government to stop the crackdown on people but instead to listen to the voices and heed their demands.

We want to highlight the role of Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) and big business who have worked with the military government in exploiting the Burmese people and their country's natural resources. They too should be made responsible for the poverty and suffering of the Burmese people.

We recognize the long struggle of the people who have courageously resisted on different fronts to and to assert their to dissent. We remember the sacrifice of the numerous young men and women who were killed in the 1988 uprising and many others who continued the struggle.
In their memory we offer our young people's commitment to carry on the struggle for justice, peace and democracy.

We join the Burmese people who have courageously come forward by marching on the streets of Rangoon and in other parts of Burma to denounce the military government's total disregard of the people's right to freedom, democracy and self-determination.

We urge our member movements in all the countries in Asia Pacific and the global Federation to join local actions and campaigns to support the people's action and ensure a peaceful resolution to this crisis. We continue to pray for the people of Burma, the leaders of the protest actions, our friends and colleagues in the student movement and the Churches. May they be strengthened by our solidarity action and prayers as they struggle to seek peaceful change in their country.

Long live the people's struggle in Burma! Justice for the victims of the Burmese Military regime!

Source: Michael Wallace, General Secretary, World Student Christian Federation

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