Archbishop of Birmingham to cycle 235 miles for youth charity first posted 13 July 2004

 The Archbishop of Birmingham, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, is planning to ride 235 miles during a challenging five-day charity Cycle For Youth starting next Monday. The 58-year old Archbishop, who had a hip replacement operation in February 2002, said yesterday: "I'm looking forward to making this bike ride in the company of more than fifty other cyclists. "They're young and old, priests, religious, women and men, and people from many different ways of life. A bit like the Church really: on the move, a bit chaotic, and often having to wait in order to stay together." Archbishop Nichols revealed: "I've been getting in some preparation. Sixty miles in a day, including the Malvern Hills, is a bit daunting. But it's hardly the Tour de France! And I'm no Lance Armstrong." He continued: "Bishops always spend time travelling the length and breadth of the Diocese. Doing it by bike is just that bit different. "I hope I'll meet many people during this ride, especially young people. And I'll see the diocese with new eyes myself. The cycle lanes of Staffordshire provide a very different experience to the M6. "I m very grateful to many people for the support and sponsorship they are giving to this Cycle for Youth event. "To invest in young people is always good, especially when our effort is to help young people to grow in their vision of life and in their generosity of spirit. Technology isn't everything! We need young men and women who cherish real hope for a better world." Archbishop Nichols added: "When I was growing up in Liverpool, parish and church events were often marked by fun and laughter. I hope that this Bike Ride will be the same: fun in each other's company, enjoyment in the countryside, and a sense of achievement at the end of each day!" Source: Archdiocese of Birmingham

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