CAFOD welcomes Archbishop Nichols as 'forward thinker'

 CAFOD has welcomed Archbishop Vincent Nichols, the new Archbishop of Westminster as a forward thinker and an excellent communicator. The agency said it looks forward to continuing its supportive relationship with him as he takes on his new role.

Chris Bain, CAFOD's director, said: "Archbishop Nichols always speaks honestly and has been very encouraging of CAFOD's work for many years. He travelled with us to Albania in 1995 where he met ex-political prisoners, including Cardinal Mikel Kaloqui, the 92 year-old priest made a Cardinal in 1994 after 42 years in prison. He described it as a visit he'll never forget."

As the Archbishop of Birmingham, Vincent Nichols has lead one of England's largest diocese. He is known for having a good understanding of young people and has been inspirational in engaging them in the Church.

Archbishop Nichols is also known for his work in international development, with a special interest in justice and peace issues. In 1986 he visited war-torn communities in Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador where CAFOD partners continue pressing for human rights; work spearheaded by the Archbishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero, assassinated in 1980 for this work.

Archbishop Nichols is the patron of CAFOD's LiveSimply project which challenges people to examine their lifestyles and to choose to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor.

"Since becoming Archbishop of Birmingham nine years ago, he has been involved in many local CAFOD initiatives including "drop the debt" campaigning when he spoke about the importance of the campaign and campaigners at a special Mass. Archbishop Nichols also donned his CAFOD T-shirt, got on his bike and set off around the Diocese to raise money for us," said Chris Bain.

"We look forward to working closely with him again on international development issues, when his voice can make a big impact and help raise awareness of poverty and suffering abroad," he said.

CAFOD's Birmingham manager Abigail McMillan said: "Archbishop Nichols has always been helpful and we'll miss his presence here in Birmingham.
It's been a pleasure working alongside him and we'll miss his support. We wish him well in his new role and look forward to working with the new Archbishop of Birmingham."

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