World Youth Day Cross comes to Bristol first posted 19 January 2004

 BRISTOL- first posted 19 January 2004 - 254 words

The World Youth Day Cross is due to arrive in Clifton Diocese tomorrow.

The visit will be celebrated in Clifton Cathedral with student representatives from schools, colleges and university chaplaincies.

The Cross, which has travelled over 50,000 kilometres since it was presented by the Pope to the young people of the world in 1983, reached the shores of England for the first time on 8 January. It is travelling throughout all the dioceses in England and Wales between 9 and 27 January when it will be handed over to Scotland and then continue its journey across Europe.

Tomorrow the Cross will arrive in Clifton Cathedral at 10.30am where it will be greeted by young people from Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Bristol. Mass will be celebrated at 12 noon followed by workshops and discussions to complete the day of celebration.

Director for Catholic Youth Services, Helen Bardy, said: "This shows that young people are not isolated in their faith. There are millions worldwide, who struggle to live as Christians in today's world and the WYD Cross symbolises the struggle Christ endured when he carried his cross. It is a fantastic opportunity for young people to experience the living faith in solidarity with one another.

It will also be a show of Christian unity, with many of the events ecumenical in their nature. There is no doubt it will attract great interest and support from many churches and show that Christianity is alive and well in the young people of today."

Source: Clifton Diocese

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