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Singer-songwriter Kenny Thomas will be guest speaker at this Sunday's Time4God young Catholics group in Pimlico, central London.

With a string of hit songs under his belt, including a double platinum album. Kenny has also worked with Anthony from Blue, and written a song on Rod Stewart's album 'Human'. A new release on the SuSu record label will be coming out later this year.

Although the music industry has a reputation for sex, drugs and rock & roll Kenny thinks that you are more likely to see people outside of the music industry leading wilder lifestyles these days.

A committed Catholic, Kenny has some strong views on the way the music business is run. "It has become so market-driven it is really stifling creativity he said. "In the industry you do get those individuals who love music but for many its about money, power, ego and gratification."

Kenny says he's also concerned at the way people are exploited within the industry as a result of greed and is disturbed at the way pornography is creeping into pop music videos.

"We live in an age where everything is based on how we feel. We've got to the point where we're 'feeling junkies'. But often what feels good isn't good for you. With a faith perspective you start to realise this. I know that there is a real danger in simply following the light of ones feelings. It is only God's light that truly shows us the way to go. And it would seem that some of the songwriters and video directors out there have lost their way."

Kenny says he owes his faith to his mother Angela, who died three years ago. "She was Spanish, from the Canary Islands, and she was very devout," he said. "She was very prayerful and said the rosary each day and just lived the out the Little Way. Two and a half weeks before she died I took her to Lourdes. She was in a wheelchair. It was a very different experience to going on an ordinary pilgrimage because this time my mother was very ill and both she and I were aware that she was dying.

"It was a foretaste of heaven for her and quite a life-changing experience for me. I've arrived at a point now where I can thank God for her life and for her death and for the cross he gave her to carry.

"In my own life I see the many times when I have tried to escape the cross and avoid those things which do not 'feel good'. But I have realised that these are the times which bring about the most growth."

Kenny Thomas will be talking being a Catholic in the music industry at Tme4God. The event starts at 3.30pm, at Holy Apostles Parish, 47 Cumberland Street, Pimlico, SW1.

For more details tel: 0207 834 6965 or e-mail:

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