Tyburn Sisters call to save Tyburn Walk

 The Tyburn Sisters are calling for the Tyburn Walk to be saved. Last month the Guild of Our Lady of Ransome announced that they would not be holding the walk in future - because of lack of support. (See End of the road for Tyburn walk?). In a letter to supporters of the walk Mother Prioress, Mary Simeon OSB writes: "We are all deeply saddened that the Guild of Our Lady of Ransome has decided not to hold the Tyburn Walk in future. "We know that this annual event in honour of the Catholic Martyrs of England and Wales and in particular the Martyrs of Tyburn is an act of religion which many cherish. We are seeking to find a way to reorganise it in the future so that it can continue to be an annual event. "We ask you for your prayers so that God may continue to guide us in the right way. We hope to have some positive news to give you in another couple of months. Please join us in petitioning in prayer our Martyrs for a positive outcome to our consultation. "If you have any suggestions, kindly make them known to us. If there is anyone else you know that has expressed a positive interest in the future of the walk please suggest that they contact us." Speaking from the Convent, Mother John Baptist told ICN on Monday: "The letters went out very recently but we've already had a lot of response. If anyone would like to support the walk, please ask them to write to us." Write to The Mother General, Tyburn Convent, 8 Hyde Park Place, London W2 2LJ.

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