Catholic Bishops' tribute to Lord Runcie

 The Most Rev Michael Bowen, Archbishop of Southwark and President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, issued the following statement yesturday morning (Wednesday) on hearing of the death of Lord Runcie, former Archbishop of Canterbury: I should like to express the condolences of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales at the death of Lord Runcie, former Archbishop of Canterbury. Lord Runcie's gracious welcome of Pope John Paul II to Canterbury Cathedral during his visit to Great Britain in 1982 will always be specially remembered. The historic signing by the Pope and the Archbishop of the Common Declaration was a moment of great joy for all of us, and we thank God for Lord Runcie's unparalled example in furthering the cause of Christian unity. We will remember Lord Runcie, his wife and family in our prayers at this time, along with the Anglican community which he served so well.

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