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 Are you interested in community life, but have reservations? Then come to the Franciscan Community Life Skills day. On Saturday 2 September, Ty Mam Duw, a community of Poor Clares in Hawarden, Cheshire, is holding an open day for those who want to live the Gospel in a group of people, and would like to explore what this means. They will be attempting to look at issues like these: * I have chosen the better part, do I have to do the washing up? * Look, I've come to pray, not to listen to your hang-ups. Or, look, I've come to proclaim the Good News, not to sit around singing psalms. * I don't know how to cook, grow vegetables or tame the computer, and other people scare me. * I may want to create something new - you people have been living in community for 800 years - have you got a few tips? * Frankly, I thought religious life was all processions with candles. If you would like a completely different view, join us on Saturday 2 September 10am-6pm. Overnight accommodation is available for distance travellers. The Poor Clares is a Catholic order of Franciscan women who love God and each other in a humble life of prayer. Ty Mam Duw is a 17-strong international community of women from very differing backgrounds. They always welcome visitors. If you are interested in the Community Life Skills day, please contact Sister Francesca for details. Ty Mam Duw, Poor Clare Colettine Community, Upper Aston Hall Lane, Hawarden, CH5 3EN. Tel: 01244 531029 Fax: 01244 535497. Email:

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