Nagasaki Day protest at nuclear base: more pensioners arrested

 Eleven more peace protesters were arrested at Faslane nuclear submarine base yesterday. A group of five were taken into custody for blocking the road as they held prayers for those killed by the A-bomb on Nagasaki. They were Barbara Sunderland, aged 71, from Henlow, Alan Wilkie, 68, and Maire-Colette Wilkie, 58, from Edinburgh, Morag Balfour, 27, from Glenrothes and Eric Wallace, 64, from Helensburgh. Later, veteran peace campaigner Roger Franklin, 73, from Stroud, was held by MoD police after cutting a hole in the Faslane fence. Roger said: "The people of Britain and Ireland call for the decommissioning of illegal paramilitary weapons. We are calling for, and taking a hand in, the decommissioning of the illegal genocidal weapons in Britain." Later Zoe Weir, 24, Kreb Dragonrider, Julie O'Connor, 23, and David Heller, 24, attempted to penetrate the high security weld-mesh fence that surrounds the Faslane base. They were arrested outside of the perimeter fence and charged with conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace. A total of 142 have now been arrested in the peace protests. Trident Ploughshares plan to continue their action at Faslane until 14 August. Trident Ploughshares website:

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