Our Lady of Liskeard - latest

 On 11 August, we ran a story about a group in Cornwall who are hoping to reinstate the shrine of Our Lady of Liskeard. At the time the future of the shrine looked unsure as the private owners were about to sell the property. (See The lost shrine of Liskeard, ICN, 11 August.) Following the article a number of new people joined the Prayer Friends of the Lost Shrine of Liskeard, including two priests from USA, a missionary from Sierra Leone, a Poor Clare from Norway, an ex-pat Cornish miner living in Australia and a Youth 2000 group. New owners have now bought the shrine. Organiser Claire Riche writes: "On 29 September (today) a novena to Our Lady is starting in preparation for 7 October when the Pope dedicates the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at a torchlit procession in Rome. "This is also the day that the new owners take over the shrine. I haven't met them yet but I have been told they are very very great lovers of Mary's son Jesus. They are not Catholic and admit that our Lady has not been part of their lives, but their previous house was a house of prayer and praise where the local Christian community was welcomed countless times. They also warmly welcomed the Cornish secretary of the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary recently who explained that we don't adore Our Lady - we just love her and ask her to hand our prayers to her son. They immediately agreed that the now annuaL ESBVM pilgrimage could go ahead on 24th june 2001." The Friends can be contacted on: lostshrine@hotmail.com

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