New assistant bishop for Menevia

 Pope John Paul II has appointed the Rt Rev Mark Jabale OSB, Benedictine Abbot of Belmont Abbey, to be the Catholic Coadjutor Bishop of Menevia. As coadjutor, he will assist and succeed Bishop Daniel Mullins, who has been Bishop of Menevia since 1987. Bishop Mullins said: "Over the last three years our clergy and people in Menevia have been involved in a diocesan synod aimed at revitalising Catholic life in the diocese. This is due to formally conclude in early January, but it is important that this work be carried on and implemented. It was for this reason, and in view of my own uncertain health, that 18 months ago I asked the Holy Father to appoint a coadjutor bishop. I am delighted at Fr Jabale's appointment." Commenting on his appointment, Fr Jabale said: "I am slightly taken aback but delighted for many reasons. First of all, I have known Bishop Mullins for many years, and he was always extremely supportive of me in my 15 years as headmaster. I am proud of our close association with the diocese. Belmont Abbey was the pro-cathedral of the old Diocese of Newport and Menevia until the 1900s, and the first two bishops were Benedictines. Belmont has also had a parish in Swansea for many years, and has supplied chaplains for the university." John Mark Jabale was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on 16 October 1933. He studied at the Lycee Francais in Alexandria, and joined Belmont Abbey School at the age of 14. He made his simple profession at Belmont in 1953, and his solemn vows in 1956. He studied theology at Belmont and Fribourg, Switzerland, where he gained his licence (LesL). He then attained a diploma in education at St Mary's College, Twickenham. He was ordained priest at Belmont in 1958, and began teaching at Belmont Abbey School. He became housemaster in 1964 and was headmaster from 1969. In 1983, he supervised the building of Tambogrande Monastery in Peru, before becoming Prior of Belmont in 1986. In 1993 he was elected Abbot. Fr Jabal is due to be ordained as Coadjutor Bishop of Menevia on 7 December 2000, at the Cathedral Church of St Joseph, Swansea. * A coadjutor bishop is an assistant bishop with right of succession to the diocese. The Church's canon law states that the coadjutor bishop 'assists the diocesan bishop in the entire governance of the diocese, and takes his place when he is absent or impeded' (can 405.2). * The Diocese of Menevia covers Swansea, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and part of Powys.

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