Mawdsley set to start a landslide

 Some people might allow themselves a few week's break. But James Mawdsley, freed after months of solitary confinement in a Burmese jail on 20 October, is setting out on a tour later this month to continue his campaign. Organised by the human rights group the Jubilee Campaign, the 'Landslide Tour' will go to Liverpool, Guildford and London. James will be speaking about his experiences and his faith and explaining why he was prepared to sacrifice his freedom in this way. Jubilee, who led the campaign for James' freedom, hope that the tour will mobilise Christians to challenge global injustice. "What I have done in Burma is only one drop in the ocean," James Mawdsley said. "If change is ever going to come to that nation, it will be through the efforts of every single one of us. I want to use my experience in Burma to tell people that there is hope and that we can make a difference." James entered Burma legally and made his peaceful protest on 31 August last year against the junta's genocide of the Karen, Karenni and Shan ethnic minorities and the suppression of democracy in Burma. Over 30,000 Karen civilians have died as a direct or indirect result of Burmese military action since 1992 alone. James was freed from Kengtung prison on 20 October this year after spending 416 days in solitary confinement and experiencing harsh conditions including a severe beating by 15 Burmese guards. Despite the junta's best effort, James refused to compromise on the truth in exchange for his freedom. James will be joined by cross-bench peer Lord Alton of Liverpool, who worked tirelessly for James' release and will give a picture of human rights abuses around the world. Lord Alton, who has travelled to Burma and has seen for himself the genocide happening against the ethnic minorities there, will base his speech on the slogan 'Landslides happen when small stones start to move'. James will be speaking at the following venues: Liverpool: 17 November 7.30pm, Catholic Chaplaincy, Mount Pleasant Guildford: 28 November 7.30pm, St Saviours Church, Woodbridge Rd London: 29 November 7.30pm, Kingsway International Christian Centre, Hackney

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