Papal Nuncio visits Cardiff

  Papal Nuncio Archbishop Pablo Puente has come to Cardiff to meet the diocese. Around 70 priests are expected to attend a meeting at All Hallow's Church in Miskin near Cardiff tomorrow. Archbishop Puente's visit comes in the wake of the replacement of the Archbishop of Cardiff, John Aloysius Ward, by the Bishop of Wrexham, Edwin Regan, who has been appointed as an Apostolic Administrator to run the Archdiocese. Archbishop Ward, who has had a stroke and was hospitalised last October following a deep vein thrombosis, was criticised over of his handling of the cases of two paedophile priests from the diocese who have since been jailed. A BBC investigation revealed that the archbishop ignored serious warnings about Fr John Lloyd - jailed in 1998 - and Fr Joe Jordan jailed in October. Archbishop Ward has insisted throughout that he has done nothing wrong. Mgr Kieran Conry, of the Catholic Media Office, said Archbishop Puente was visiting on his own initiative. He said: "We all know that the Archdiocese has been through hard times recently - especially in the light of two serious trials - and the Papal Nuncio wants to express his solidarity to the clergy and listen to them. "He will address their concerns and anxieties in a move aimed at creating stability in the diocese."

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