Holocaust leaflet for all schools and parishes

 A leaflet about the Holocaust has been sent to all Catholic schools and parishes across England and Wales leaflet in time for the first Holocaust Memorial Day on Saturday 27 January, the Catholic Media Office announced today. Produced by the Committee for Catholic-Jewish Relations of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, the leaflet states: 'Holocaust Memorial Day focuses our minds on the need to remember the tragic lossof Jewish life, when one in three Jews died worldwide, and on all who suffered and died through prejudice and tyranny." The leaflet recalls that 'the roots of Christianity lie within Judaism', and says that the day can be one of reflection and solidarity. It outlines a number of ideas for learning the lessons of the Holocaust, including inviting guest speakers and arranging services of commemoration. Bishop Charles Henderson, chairman of the Committee for Catholic/Jewish Relations, said: "I hope that this leaflet will help parishes, schools and others mark this very important day. The task of educating people about the horrors that have resulted from racism and prejudice of all kinds is vital if such evil events are never to happen again." The leaflet is available on the website of the Bishops' Conference, at www.catholic-ew.org.uk, in the Documents section, and from the Catholic Media Office. The annual Holocaust Memorial Day has been established as 27 January by the Government. A special Government website, which sets out the Day's aims and projects, may be found at www.holocaustmemorialday.gov.uk.

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