Emma Thompson backs interfaith peace protest

 Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson has given her support to the anti-nuclear protest planned at Faslane on 12 February. Over a thousand people, including members of Pax Christi and Christian CND, are travelling to Scotland to take part in the Trident Ploughshares blockade at the Trident nuclear submarine base, 30 miles from Glasgow. Emma said: "For a long time I have known, not just thought, but known in my heart of hearts that nuclear weapons are the useless, dangerous, paranoid and wasteful product of a society mired in its incapacity to commit to peace. The action in Faslane will be a real contribution to a safe, nuclear-free world and I support it entirely. Let the world listen and learn from this protest. We don't want nuclear weapons on our soil. Get rid of them." In one of her film roles,'In the Name of the Father', which told the story of the Guildford Five, Emma Thompson played real-life solicitor Gareth Pierce. Three weeks ago, Gareth Pierce was defence solicitor for Trident Ploughshares activist Sylvia Boyes, when she was acquitted at Manchester Crown on charges of criminal conspiracy after attempting to disarm the Trident submarine Vengeance. Among those joining protesters at Faslane on the 12th will be the moderator of the Church of Scotland and representatives from a number of denominations. They will be accompanied by 50 ministers of religion from Scotland, many of whom have indicated their willingness to be arrested. Also ready to face arrest are member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) Tommy Sheridan and MEP Caroline Lucas. Other MSPs will be there, including Sandra White, Robin Harper, John McAllion, Bruce Crawford, Dorothy-Grace Elder and Fiona Hyslop, while other parliamentarians have sent messages of support. Writer AL Kennedy and sculptor George Wylie will also be taking part in the protest.

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