Archbishop goes to Rome for consistory

 Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has left for Rome where he will be created cardinal by Pope John Paul II, along with 43 others, on Wednesday morning. During the ceremony at St Peter's, the new cardinals will be presented with their red zucchettos, (skull caps)and birettas. (They no longer receive the traditional large red hats). That afternoon they will visit the Pope in the Vatican. On Thursday a special Mass, presided over by the Pope, will take place in St Peter's Square. During the Mass each Cardinal will receive his ceremonial ring. On Friday, the new cardinals and their parties will attend an audience with the Pope. During that afternoon Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor formally takes possession of his titular church. Every cardinal-elector has a titular church in Rome signifying them to be parish priests of the diocese of Rome, and therefore eligible to vote for the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. At the time of writing the titular churches have not yet been assigned. Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor will celebrate Mass at the Beda College on Saturday. That evening he will attend Vespers together with the new Cardinal Connell from Dublin, Cardinal Winning from Glasgow, and students from the English and Welsh, Scots and Irish seminaries in Rome. Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor returns to Westminster on Sunday. On Monday evening the Rite of Welcome will be held at Westminster Cathedral. Following the consistory, the Archbishop's full title will be: His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster.

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