Saint Theresa's relics to visit Ireland

 The relics of St Theresa of Lisieux are due to arrive in Ireland next month on an eleven week tour of the country. The organisers say they are expecting some of the largest religious gatherings in the country since the Pope's visit. The reliquary of St. Theresa is made of Brazilian jacaranda wood and silver gilt. It is about five feet long, three feet high and wide, and weighs about 300 pounds. It is encased in plexiglass, for security reasons, and mounted on a wooden tray. The relics have been on a world tour since 1999. They recently completed a three months visit to America which included 25 states and 89 cities, including Hawaii. Hundreds of services were held and huge crowds came to pay their respects to the Carmelite sister who died in 1897, at the age of just 24. She was canonised in 1925. Although St Theresa never travelled, her spiritual view was wordwide and she is the patron saint of missions and missionaries. Roses are her emblem because of her promise to 'let fall a shower of roses' - heavenly gifts to this world - after her death. "She took America by storm and we expect the same to happen here" said Fr Joseph Linus, a Carmelite priest co-ordinating the visit.

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