Ecumenical blueprint to combat racism

 In the week that new anti-racist legislation becomes law throughout the country, the Anglican Diocese of Southwark is spearheading an ecumenical campaign to combat racial prejudice. Bishop Tom Butler has called on all prospective parliamentary candidates to commit themselves and their campaign workers to avoiding any words or actions that might stir or lead to racism. Churches from many denominations will be asking candidates to sign an anti-racist statement, and if they refuse, they will be advised to will pass their names to the local press. The model statement issued by Southwark commits candidates to: 1. reject all forms of racist violence, racial harassment and unlawful discrimination. 2. Not to publish or endorse any election material that might reasonably be expected to stir up or invite hostility or division between people of different cultural, ethnic or national groups. 3. To endeavour to ensure that, in any dealings with the public, no words or actions are used which stir up racial hatred or lead to racial prejudice 4. To ensure that all campaign workers are aware of these principles and act upon them. Just above the place for the candidate's signature are the words: 'Furthermore I acknowledge the multi-ethnic character of British society today and welcome this as a positive enrichment of our national life.'

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