Art critic mourns decline of Christian education

 The outspoken art critic Brian Sewell lamented the neglect of Christianity in modern society last night. Writing in the London Evening Standard, Mr Sewell said the decline in religious education will cause "untold harm" for future generations. He writes: "The lapsed Christian of any denomination can, without the slightest pang of conscience, take Christmas in his stride as a commercial beanfeast of pagan origin" . Other feasts and celebrations can be brushed aside, he says, but the crucifixion is still an "extraordinary potent and disturbing symbol", and Christian values still permeate our society. Sewell concludes: "The Christianity of the Sermon on the Mount and its practical illustration in the parables are the foundations of our moral law and social attitudes. It informs our philosophy and politics, our art and literature; it is, even if we never set foot in a church or are of another faith, about us in everything we do, pervading thought and action. "When, from some warped sense of political correctitude, those who educate our children abandon Christianity, not only as an observance but as an academic discipline, our society and culture, cut off from their roots, are impoverished, perhaps beyond repair."

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