Scottish bishops' election message

 The bishops of Scotland have produced a guide to help Catholics prepare to vote in the forthcoming general election. Making the Cross Count is being issued to every parish in Scotland this week. The document calls on every person to use their right to vote, after carefully considering several areas. Stressing the fact that the church does not preach values of the 'right' or 'left' , but promotes moral principles on which government should be based, key issues highlighted include: the defence of life from conception to the grave; support and respect for the poor, refugees and asylum seekers; the opposition of weapons of mass destruction; policies that support marriage and family life; a concern to monitor the media; the promotion of educational opportunities for people of all ages; support for Catholic schools; and policies to end third world debt. Full copies of the leaflet are available from the Scottish Catholic Media Office Tel: 0141 221 1168.

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