Catholic women issue election document

 What do Catholic women seek from a new government? The Association of Catholic Women have put out their own discussion document giving their ideas. They include: * Policies which reflect, cherish and honour the differences between men and women and support their complementary roles in society. * Polices that support marriage and family life. * Respect for the rights of children. * Opposition to all forms of euthanasia. Supporting the Bishops' Conference document: Vote for the Common Good, with its emphasis on respect for all human life, including life in the womb, the association say: "Britain needs a sense of community - everyone from the pensioner who has lived for years in the same house, the stranger who has just settled from another country, the second or third generation immigrant, should have a sense of belonging..." Copies of the full statement are available from the Association of Catholic Women, 22 Surbiton Hill Park, Surrey, KY5 8ET.

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