Popular London vicar murdered

 The Christian community throughout west London has been stunned by the murder of a popular Anglican vicar. The Rev David Paget, 46, vicar of St Andrew's church in Fulham, was found stabbed to death at his home, on Wednesday morning, by the parish treasurer Janet Hodges. Police said there was no sign of a forced entry. Fr Paget was noted for his kindness to visitors and very generous and open approach to his ministry. Parishioner Richard Nowatarski said: "He was a very much loved, warm and generous 24 hour a day Samaritan." A message from Mr Paget on the church's website states: "We are here to serve you." It says: "God has gathered us together to be a sign to our parish of His love for all. The church is open daily for you to offer your worship and prayers. All, without exception, are welcome here. If we can help - get in touch." Flowers and tributes have been pouring into St Andrew's. One parishioner said: "He was the most open and honest person I've ever had the pleasure to meet. The thought of violence totally appalled him." Fr Paget had been at St Andrew's for twelve years and often worked with other denominations in the area. At Christmas he took part in an ecumenical crib-blessing service at the Catholic church of St Thomas of Canterbury in Fulham, (see ICN report: - Power of St Francis in West London 22 December 2001). Fr. Clive Lee, from St Thomas', who organised the event, said: "Fr David was an incredibly kind and supportive colleague. We had arranged a joint parish outing in two weeks' time. This is tragic news."

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