Flying grandmother on a wing and a prayer

 A grandmother from East London is preparing to step out on the wing of a biplane, to raise funds for the Cardinal Hume Centre for young homeless people. On July 10, her 51st birthday, Mrs Jean O'Sullivan, who is just 4ft 11in tall, will spend 30 minutes flying high over the Gloucestershire countryside, strapped to the wing of an Utterly Butterly Barnstormers' plane. Her daredevil walk will take her to a height of 1000ft, where she will face winds of up to 140mph. Jean hopes her wing walk will raise publicity and funds for the Cardinal Hume Centre. Based in the heart of London, the centre gives homeless young people a change to rebuild their lives. It offers safe, long-term accommodation as well as education, counselling and support with a finding a new home. To make a donation to Jean's effort, please send a cheque (payable to the Cardinal Hume Centre) to Wing Walk, The Cardinal Hume Centre, 3-7 Arneway Street. Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2BG.

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