Cardinal Winning taken ill

 Cardinal Thomas Winning, leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, suffered a suspected heart attack today. The Cardinal is resting at Glasgow's Victoria Infirmary now, and is expected to remain there over the weekend for observation. Prayers will be said for him throughout Scotland tomorrow. In an official statement, the archdiocese said: "The Cardinal's condition has stabilised since admission. He is fully conscious and has spoken to family members and senior priests at the archdiocese. He is not in intensive care and describes his own condition as comfortable." "No further information will be given tonight. Any change will be signalled to the media without delay." Cardinal Winning, has no history of heart trouble or other ill health. A spokesman said he began to feel unwell while driving from his office to his home, and called an ambulance. He said: "The Cardinal did not lose consciousness and remained alert throughout." The chancellor of the archdiocese, Mgr Peter Smith, who visited the cardinal said: "The cardinal was alert but tired. He expressed gratitude to the medical staff for their assistance and asked for remembrance in the prayers of those who know him."

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