Cardinal Winning has died

 Cardinal Thomas Winning, leader of the Catholics church in Scotland has died suddenly. Reports say the cardinal suffered another heart attack at his home in Newlands, Glasgow. On 8 June Cardinal Winning, who was 76, was admitted to Glasgow's Victoria Infirmary on Friday after a heart attack. He had no prior history of ill health and was released on Friday. On that day a diocesan spokesman said: "He will have a period of recuperation in private and his diary has been cleared until November. He has to take it easy and not receive a lot of visitors." On his release from hospital, the cardinal paid tribute to the staff who had cared for him, saying: "I am immensely grateful to the staff at the Victoria Infirmary who have helped me over the last week. He said: "No words can express my gratitude." He also thanked the hundreds of well-wishers who sent cards, flowers and goodwill messages.

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