Huge crowds gather for Cardinal Winning's funeral

 Cardinal Thomas Winning was laid to rest yesterday, in one of the largest funerals ever held in Scotland. More than 600 people gathered inside Saint Andrew's cathedral in Glasgow, for the Requiem Mass. Many hundreds more gathered outside to watch the Mass on a screen. The service was also relayed to six overflowing churches around the city. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, was the main celebrant with five archbishops, 20 bishops and more than 300 priests. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, represented the Queen. The mourners included the Cardinal's sister Margaret, her children Agnes and Edward and his housekeeper for 30 years, Isabel McInnes. Many more religious leaders, politicians and other dignitaries also attended the service. Mgr James Clancy, who is carrying out the Cardinal's duties until another church leader is appointed, began the Mass by saying that they had gathered to "cherish his memory". Archbishop Pablo Puente, the Papal Nuncio to Great Britain, represented Pope John Paul II Reading a message from him he said: "This is a very sad day because we have lost from this earth a great cardinal, an excellent archbishop, a sure guide and an extraordinary friend. He will be remembered for having an outstanding attitude to the defence of life and his commitment to the poor. He said: "I realised how much he loved Scotland and how much he was a very real and deep Scot. We have lost a friend from this earth, but we know that we have a friend in heaven, near God to intercede for this diocese of Glasgow, and Catholic Church in Scotland and the whole of Scottish society." In an emotional sermon, the Bishop of Motherwell, Joseph Devine, a close friend, said it was a challenge to pay adequate tribute to Cardinal Winning. He said: "My mother, who had never met him at that time, said to me 27 years ago, 'Joseph, what I like about our new archbishop is that he is a fighter'. "Undoubtedly that was true. He went on to challenge Margaret Thatcher about the poll tax and the Falklands War. "He challenged the present prime minister over the alleged gagging of Labour MPs who supported the cause of pro-life. He challenged the Scottish Executive about the repeal of Section 28. "Just a month ago, he challenged this city about the attitude of some of its citizens to asylum seekers. He had a natural talent for the dust of battle." Scottish Secretary Helen Liddell, Northern Ireland Secretary Dr John Reid, House of Commons speaker Michael Martin and former Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond were among those attending from Westminster. Visiting cardinals included Cardinal Adrianus Simonis from Utrecht in Holland, Cardinal Desmond Connell from Dublin and Cardinal Cahal Daly from Armagh. Following communion, Cardinal Murphy O'Connor read a message of condolence from Prime Minister Tony Blair and expressed the sadness of all the church at the loss of "Cardinal Tom".

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