St Alban's Cathedral - ecumenism in action

 One of the oldest cathedrals in England, and shrine to our first martyr - St Alban's Cathedral - less than an hour's train journey from the centre of London, besides holding daily Anglican liturgies, now opens its doors to regular services for the local Russian Orthodox, Lutheran, Catholic and Free Church communities. And - while the cathedral is a major tourist attraction - each hour on the hour, a voice comes over the sound system asking everyone to stop what they are doing for a few minutes' prayer and reflection. These are lead by a rotating team of visiting chaplains of different denominations. "Saint Alban was martyred here for the faith before we had all these divisions," said cathedral spokeswoman Linzi Birnie. "It seems right that his cathedral should welcome everyone and make space for people from all denominations to worship." Does your church or religious community reach out to other faith groups? Send us your story by e-mailing below.

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