Cardinal calls for 'a more courageous witness to Christ'

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster, brought a message of hope when he celebrated Mass at St Dominic's Priory in North London yesterday. Speaking of the terrorist attacks in America he said he was often asked how God allowed this kind of thing to happen. "There is no easy answer" he said. "One can only ask why God allowed his own son to die, and out of that mystery sin was overcome." "We must have courage. We must continue to hope and continue to pray. Evil cannot conquer good." Referring to the day's readings he said: "Jesus comes to meet and forgive us... Jesus comes to overcome the sin of death.... and the God of mercy is also a God of justice. It is right that justice should be done." The Cardinal said it was very important for people in parishes and communities to reach out to each other and give each other support. He said: "Here in our society there is an enormous need to give witness. That's why what you do in your personal life is so important. We think the vote in the House of Commons is most important but its what you do as individuals and as a community that matters." The Cardinal urged people to read the Gospels .. hear Him speak to us .. to pray especially now for those who were killed and those suffering, in the United States. He also spoke of the need for a more courageous witness to Christ in our personal and communal lives. After Mass, Cardinal Cormac asked the children aged four to eleven to come up to the altar. A large group scrambled to the front of the church. "How do you show that you love Jesus" he asked them. Answers included: "Being good" "praying" and "talking to people". The Cardinal said he was pleased with their answers and encouraged them to pray at home.

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