Peace vigil planned this Saturday in Whitehall

 Pax Christi, CND, and many others concerned about the threat of war in the wake of last week terrorist attacks in America are to hold a silent vigil in Whitehall this Saturday 22 September at 2.00pm. Demonstrators are asked to wear black and not to bring banners or posters. The newly-elected CND Chair Carol Naughton, said: "The Prime Minister says he is 'standing shoulder to shoulder' with President Bush, politically and militarily. "There are many people in this country, while abhorring the original atrocity, are opposed to military retaliation and are concerned about the prospect of an escalating cycle of violence. "CND is calling on all organisations and individuals who want peace and justice and no more violence to stand shoulder to shoulder in Whitehall on Saturday, dressed in black." "We feel that a stark presence and sombre mood will convey the depth of horror that was felt last Tuesday, the growing concerns about preparations for war and a determination for those opposed to retaliation to be seen and heard."

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