Pax Christi calls for prayers, fasting for peace

 The international Catholic peace movement Pax Christi has called for individuals, communities, schools, and parishes to make each Friday a day of fasting and prayer for peace. They say: "Many thousands in Afghanistan have already been suffering from hunger and displacement. Military action will exacerbate their plight. Our simple fast can be an act of penance and solidarity. "There is nothing so powerful as fasting and prayer... My religion teaches me that whenever there is distress which one cannot remove, one must fast and pray." Gandhi PAX CHRIST PRAYER We come to you, God, Father, You are the source of life and beauty and power. Your Son, Jesus, is the way of faith and hope and love. Your spirit is the fire of love, the fount of wisdom, the bond of unity You call us at all times to be people of the beatitudes, witnesses to the Gospel of peace and love and forgiveness. You call us at this time of death and destruction and broken lives, of terrible violence and fierce hatred. We renew our acceptance of your call. We promise to work: to bring the light of the Gospel to those living in darkness, to bring the hope of the Gospel to those living in despair, to bring the healing of the Gospel to the broken and abused, and to bring the peace of the Gospel to a divided world.

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