Documentary highlights Faslane peace protests

 A television documentary about four members of the anti-nuclear campaign 'Trident Ploughshares' is being screened at 2.10am tomorrow night on Channel Four. 'Nuke UK' charts their progress during the largest demonstration for sixteen years at the Trident nuclear submarine base in Faslane, Scotland last February. During the blockade 379 people were arrested for breaching the peace including Catholic MP George Galloway MP, Caroline Lucas MEP and Tommy Sheridan MSP, and several nuns and priests. Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies, Bradford University said: "This is a remarkable film about an even more remarkable group of anti-nuclear campaigners. With little fuss and even less publicity they have established one of the most accomplished programmes of nonviolent action for many years, and are succeeding in raising the issue of the legality of British nuclear weapons that is already making waves in political circles and in the courts. The implications of the issues raised by 'Nuke UK' are immense, and go to the heart of Britain's attitude to international peace and security in the post-Cold War world."

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