Changes in Catholic Communications Service

 The CMS issued the following statement this morning: A STATEMENT ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE COMMUNICATIONS REVIEW THE FUTURE OF THE CATHOLIC COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE In accordance with the 2001 Moir/Salt review of the Catholic Media Office and the Catholic Communications Centre, the decision was taken to appoint a Director of Communications. The Bishops' Conference appointed Mark Morley to the post in September 2001. He was instructed to carry out a thorough review of existing communications provision to be presented to the Standing Committee of the Conference on 21 January 2002. The Standing Committee assessed the Director's recommendations and after careful consideration accepted the proposals made. The purpose of the changes has been to streamline the work of the newly established Catholic Communications Service and it will begin its operations of Monday, 4 March 2002. The new structure will focus on proactive media relations strategies, international liaison, communications policy research, a development of Intranet and Internet technology and a proactive publishing arm. Training will continue to be facilitated and sourced on an ad hoc basis. All current staff have been invited to apply for the posts within the new structure. Commenting on the implementation of the review, Bishop Crispian Hollis, chairman of the Bishops Conference Media Committee, said: "This has been a much needed review but it has been made possible because of the great work and commitment of many people, going back over many years, to the early days of Hatch End in the 1970's. "The Catholic Communications Centre was the successor to Hatch End and when it moved its operations into Eccleston Square, its work become more and more closely associated with the work of the Catholic Media Office. "Bringing these two organisations into one as the newly formed Catholic Communications Service is the next logical step. "I welcome this development. I think it is right and it will increasingly answer the needs of the Catholic Church in England and Wales for an integrated structure for the vital work of communications in today's world. "I look forward very much to working closely with Mark Morley and his colleagues."

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