Pro-life group to challenge BBC in court today

 The refusal of the BBC to allow any footage of abortion to be shown in the 2001 election broadcast of the ProLife Alliance will be challenged in the Appeal Court in London today. "Abortion operations stand alone as the object of total censorship on our television screens. Absolutely anything else from the operating theatre can be viewed," said a spokesperson for the ProLife Alliance. " "In recent weeks alone we have seen on TV explicit footage of sex-change operations, including a skinned amputated male organ in a kidney dish, and graphic coverage of vaginal reconstruction surgery for cosmetic purposes with full-screen photos of the various options. There were no taste and decency problems with these programmes." "Neither of these interventions is widely performed, unlike abortion which is the operation most frequently executed in the UK, for the most part by the NHS and funded by the taxpayer. But the BBC has determined that the viewer should not view this operation, and the other channels simply follow suit. "The position of the BBC (and the other TV Channels) is totally indefensible and represents an intolerable attack on democracy." "There have been 6,000,000 abortions in the UK and 42,000,000 in the USA since abortion was legalised in these two countries alone, figures which equal the death tolls of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. We should at least have the courage to look at what we are doing."

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