Exploring faith through the silver screen

 The vicar of St Paul's Anglican church in Covent Garden, has started a series of sermons based on current movies. Parishioners have already reflected on Harry Potter. Future subjects include Last Orders, Charlotte Gray, Lord of the Rings and Iris. Rev Mark Oakley said: "The preachers watch the film and then we take parishioners to see it during the week. I'm afraid we in the Church can sometimes be like a swimming pool with lots of noise coming from the shallow end and yet we are called to equip people to dive deeper." Last year St Paul's had a series of sermons based on West End plays. Set in the heart of theatreland, it is known as the 'Actors' Church'. (A few streets away from Corpus Christi's in Maiden Lane - the Catholic Actors Church). Many famous Anglican thespians can be spotted in St Paul's and it is often the setting for celebrity weddings and funerals. Dame Judi Dench is a regular visitor. Completed by Inigo Jones, in 1633, the church is set on the west side of the Piazza. For a history and more details visit: www.coventgardenlife.com/sightseeing/reviews/st_pauls_church.htm

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