Top marks for Catholic family centre

 St. Francis Family Centre near Poplar in London's East End has just been given an excellent report by inspectors from government inspectors OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education). Run by the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster), the centre runs a number of different services for nearly a hundred children and their families each year. Inspector Sonia Steele said: "It was nice to come into an establishment and instantly feel reassured that the staff were adequately suited to run a first class service and are willing and able to work and learn from other services, training and parents" Janet Anderson, the Co-ordinator at St. Francis said she was happy and relieved that the inspection had gone so well. She said: "Sonia Steele was very impressed with the actual amount of work the staff did for the families. She was very pleased with the fact that our parents were so involved in the centre, by contributing to art displays, drafting policies and cooking for different culture's festivals". Until this year local authorities were responsible for inspecting under 5s centres. Due to a change in the law they now come under OFSTED. For more information about the Catholic Childrens Society (Westminster) visit their website at:

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