London: three arrested in Holy Week peace protest

 Three Christian peace activists were arrested for criminal damage at the Old War Office building in Whitehall, Central London yesterday afternoon. The three, Dan Martin, Angela Broome and Rev David Partridge marked the building with charcoal with the words 'Repent', 'Trident = Death' and 'God is Peace' before they were stopped by police. Following their arrest they were taken to Charring Cross Police Station. The group, who were supported by Catholic Peace Action and Pax Christi said: "Our action was a protest against the sin of nuclear weapons and nuclear war preparations. In the midst of a prolonged war against terrorism, we need to look at the 'plank in our own eye' so that we can see clearly how to remove the splinter in the 'eyes' of others. The nuclear war preparations of this Government are immoral according to God's law, and illegal according to international law."

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