Right To Life must apply in conjoined twins' case

 The ProLife Alliance praised the bravery of the parents of conjoined twins today, adding that they faced heroic decisions in the weeks ahead. Congratulating parents Tiny May and Dennis Smith on the birth of twin girls Natasha and Courtney, an Alliance spokesperson also offered them "genuine sympathy" and added: The birth yesterday of conjoined twins Natasha and Courtney has brought great joy to their courageous parents and family. The ProLife Alliance offers them congratulations as well as genuine sympathy as they face heroic decisions in the weeks ahead. 'We hope that every effort will be made by the doctors to ensure that the right to life of both these little girls is respected. It is too soon to understand what exactly is planned to separate the babies, and this will depend on a detailed diagnosis of their actual condition. 'We have always suggested that the possibility of a heart transplant should be considered for the weaker twin. This was the option chosen in a similar case in Italy. Heart transplants in very young babies have been undertaken in the UK. Even if the chance of survival is deemed minimal, it nevertheless gives the baby a glimmer of hope. Both the lives of these tiny girls are equally precious'. The parents of the twin girls described their newborn daughters as "beautiful" after the children were delivered four weeks early at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital in London.

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