Cardinal calls for end to ban on Royals marrying Catholics

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, has called for a repeal of the historic ruling which forbids a member of the Royal family from marrying a Catholic. He made his comments before taking part in the multi-faith service at Windsor to mark the Golden Jubilee. The Archbishop said the 1701 Act of Settlement governing the marriage of the heir, discriminated against the Royal Family themselves. A future monarch should be free to marry whoever he or she wanted, he said. Speaking on Sky News with Adam Boulton on Sunday, he referred to the Act of Settlement of 1701 which bans Catholics from marrying into the Royal Family, saying: "I think with regard to the Act of Settlement, it's not really and shouldn't be relevant in today's world and today's Britain. "After all, it's not so much that it is an act of discrimination against Roman Catholics - which it is - but it seems to me to be discrimination against the Royal Family." He said the present law needed changing so that Prince William could marry someone of any faith. "I think the future monarch should be able to marry who he wants," he said. "Talking about Prince William, he can marry by law a Hindu, a Buddhist, anyone, but not a Roman Catholic. "That seems to me anomalous and I think it should go."

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