LIFE condemns American pro-life scare tactics

 LIFE, the UK's leading pro-life charity, has today reiterated its opposition to tactics by American anti-abortion militants to scare women away from abortion clinics by violent and threatening behaviour. This condemnation comes after reports that American groups have started publishing on websites the photographs of women seeking abortions, in addition to the names and addresses of doctors and abortion clinic staff. To date, no such behaviour has been reported in the UK. Nuala Scarisbrick, Trustee of LIFE, said: "LIFE is opposed to these tactics, and we condemn anyone who views women seeking abortions as cold-hearted murderers. Our experience in helping thousands of women over the past 32 years has taught us that every abortion results in two victims - the aborted child, and the woman who agreed to the abortion - and is often severely wounded psychologically (and sometimes physically) by the procedure. "Despite the propaganda of the pro-choice lobby, most women seeking abortions do not want one but believe they have no choice. LIFE helps women by providing positive and real alternatives to abortion. Our trained counsellors and our care service provide women with an opportunity to talk through their situation. We are the largest supplier of supported accommodation for homeless pregnant women in the UK and we are about to open our second baby hospice. "Additionally, we are the UK experts in post-abortion trauma and after abortion counselling (Professor Gerard Egan of Loyola University of Chicago, an expert in this field, will be a keynote speaker at our national conference later this year). We know the hurt that abortion causes, which can surface immediately or many years later, and we have helped many hundreds of women in this situation. These women need care, not condemnation. "We are glad no such behaviour has yet been imported into the UK, and hope that it never will. LIFE will continue to help women, in season and out of season, by caring, counselling and providing practical support. Any other approach harms both women and the prolife cause."

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