Cherie Blair praises Christian human rights charity

 The Prime Minister's wife, Cherie Blair, has praised the Christian human rights charity Jubilee Action, in recognition of its work with street children, persecuted Christians and its pioneering initiatives to combat endemic poverty. A special reception was held at 10 Downing Street on Tuesday to honour Jubilee Action's work. Cherie Blair, who is Catholic, was joined by public figures including, Francis Pienaar, Nigel Griffiths MP and cross-bench peer, David Alton. Cherie Blair was introduced to Jubilee Action's work by voluntary director of appeals, Aninha Capaldi. Whilst on an official visit to Brazil last summer, she made a special trip to visit the Princess Diana Home for Street Girls in Rio, which Jubilee Action has been instrumental in establishing. Cherie was touched by the plight of many of the girls who have made their home there. Cherie Blair said, 'As lawyer and as a Christian, I share Jubilee's concern for vulnerable children. In the last decade Jubilee Action has managed to provide a crucial lifeline to many children and families world-wide. Jubilee Action has worked hard to defend children's rights, and Persecuted Christians through providing opportunities and support with dedicated local partnerships.' The event also coincided with the appointment of Jubilee Action's new chairman, a leading bio-tech entrepreneur, Dr Kim Tan. With Jubilee Action, he is to pioneer fresh strategies to re-think how charities tackle poverty. Jubilee Action plans to establish a Business Partnership Fund to provide philanthropic venture capital in order to establish significant commercial businesses in some of the poorest areas of the world. Jubilee Action, an inter-church organsation which developed from the human rights lobby group Jubilee Campaign in the early 1990's, is currently working in 15 different countries such as India where Jubilee Action has built three homes for girls rescued from the sex industry. The Downing Street event will be followed by the official launch of Jubilee Action's Business Partnerships initiative at the Institute of Directors in London on June 17.

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