Highway robbery on the net

 Christian Aid has launched an online game to help promote its Trade for Life campaign. Highway Robbery, which is presented as a parody of the Highway Code, provides a fun interactive journey through the basic concepts of the campaign to make trade work for poor countries. The game illustrates how, unlike the rules of the road, which benefit everyone by making the highways safer, trade rules benefit the few at the expense of the majority. As a result, poor countries are 'robbed' of the ability to protect their own vulnerable industries and other benefits trade should bring. Thus, they are denied a total of $700 billion every year. The game invites you to think and drive your way through a virtual test on the impact of trade rules, delivers your score and shows how you can get more involved in the campaign to drive out poverty. Highway Robbery is being launched to coincide with the largest ever lobby of parliament on global trade. Organised by Christian Aid in conjunction with the Trade Justice Movement, a new coalition of charities, aid agencies and campaigning groups, the lobby is taking place tomorrow, 19 June 2002. Rock band Radiohead and Super Furry Animals are supporting this major event. More than 10,000 people from all over the UK will converge on Parliament to meet with their MPs. They will urge the government to take a lead on placing the needs of poor countries and sustainable development as the highest priority at the G8 and other major summits. The Christian Aid website www.christianaid.org.uk, which is being used by the Media Trust as an example for best practice, provides several other interactive features supporting the mass lobby. By simply typing in their postcode users can access a page with a profile of their local MP and send them a fax or email. Visitors can also check whether their MP has received action pledges in the run up to the mass lobby, using an interactive map of the UK. On the day of the lobby - and the day after - the Website will provide feedback from the day's events in front of Parliament using video clips and a photo gallery. The Highway Robbery game, and the interactive UK map, can be accessed from: www.christianaid.org.uk/campaign

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